Charles Barkley Says He Wants To Punch Draymond Green In The Face, Draymond Green’s Mom Fires Back On Twitter

Charles Barkley is not a fan of Draymond Green. Before halftime of tonight’s Warriors-Pelicans game, Green got into heated shouting match with New Orleans guard Rajon Rondo. While TNT showed the clip of the confrontation Charles Barkley got heated and said that he wished someone would punch Draymond in the face. When the other members of the Inside The NBA crew asked Barkley why, he continued saying that he wanted to personally punch Draymond in the face.

After the video of Barkley talking shit to Draymond went viral, Green’s mother, who is very active on Twitter, fired back at the TNT host.

We all know that Draymond is going to have something to say to Barkley after the game after he finds out about the comment. Things could get interesting in a few weeks when TNT will be on location covering the Western Conference Finals and Draymond will have the ability to confront Barkley in person.

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