Charles Barkley Threw Out A First Pitch And You Can Probably Guess How Well He Did


Charles Barkley was an incredible basketball player. His unique combination of power and speed helped him enjoy a Hall of Fame career. When it comes to other sports, though, Barkley is completely lost.

We already know about his golf game. It’s so bad that even a single viewing of his swing is enough to induce seizure and require an immediate trip to an eye-rinsing station.

Last night, the Round Mound of Rebound proved that he can’t really play baseball either.

[mlbvideo id=”36312601″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

His first pitch before the Cubs-Reds game at Wrigley Field wasn’t exactly the worst ceremonial toss of the year, but it came nowhere near the plate. In fact, he almost hit the photographer, who was just doing a thankless job.

That said, he did show more potential with this errant lob than he ever has on the links. Perhaps a new hobby of slow-pitch softball is in order. If nothing else, it would provide the perfect opportunity to berate game officials again. Seems like something he would enjoy.