Charles Barkley Says Josh Gordon ‘Is Going To Die If He Keeps Going On This Road’

Charles Barkley dropped by ESPN’s His & Her show yesterday to talk about sports’ biggest topics.

Oft-troubled Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s latest violation of the NFL’s drug policy came up, leading Barkley to deliver a highly personal take.

The Hall of Famer mentioned his brother, who died young after a battle with substance abuse, and how he sees some parallels to Gordon.

“So I take all drug stuff seriously, and Josh Gordon is gonna die if he keeps going on this road he’s going [on],” Barkley said. “I love my brother, I miss my brother, but when you get invovled with alcohol and drugs and you can’t control it — you look at Philip Seymour Hoffman — it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

Damn. That’s powerful.

When co-host Michael Smith remarked that Gordon’s latest positive test, at least his sixth in the NFL, is a cry for help, Barkley said, “No, he’s been crying for help. This is like the third time, he was ….suspended for a year before and it got reduced. He got suspended in college. It started in college and it’s just not a matter of ‘if,’ it’s a matter of ‘when.’ Something’s bad’s going to happen. …”

Gordon, who was suspended by the NFL 10 games last year for marijuana use, was caught using alcohol this week and now faces another year ban. At this point, even his most passionate defenders realize this is bigger than football. The guy really needs to get his life in order.

It’s tough to hear stuff like this, but hopefully Barkley’s comments make a positive impact on Gordon — somehow, some way.