Charles Barkley Says ‘The NBA Ain’t Got The Balls To Suspend’ LeBron James For Violating Health And Safety Protocols

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  • LeBron James violated NBA’s health and safety protocols after attending party this week
  • The NBA decided not to suspend LeBron because everyone at the party was tested beforehand
  • Charles Barkley believes any other player would have been suspended for violating protocol
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LeBron James will not be suspended for violating the NBA’s health and safety protocols and fans are not happy.

Earlier this week, LeBron attended a party that featured several celebrities including Drake to promote his tequila brand.

While the NBA did rule that LeBron had violated protocol, they decided not supend him due to the fact that everyone at the party had been tested beforehand.

Charles Barkley spoke out on the matter and says if any other player had done what LeBron did they would have been suspended but he believes “the NBA ain’t got the balls to suspend LeBron.”

“Let me tell you somethin’,” Barkley said. “Hey, listen, I love Adam Silver, rest in peace, David Stern, best commissioner in sports. The NBA ain’t got the balls to suspend LeBron James.”

“If it was a nobody, they would put him in health and safety protocols,” Barkley said. “Ain’t no f*ckin’ way LeBron James is gonna sit out in health and safety protocols. When I read that, I just started laughing.”