Charles Barkley Breaking Down His Absolutely Terrible March Madness Bracket Is Truly The Best

CBS Sports

  • Picking a March Madness bracket involves quite a bit of luck on top of basketball knowledge.
  • Even then, as Charles Barkley has found out this year, a bracket can quickly be shredded by just a few losses.
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Charles Barkley is one of the most entertaining analysts on television. The 59-year-old Hall of Famer is part of the NBA Tonight crew on TNT and joins Turner for its CBS/TNT/TBS/truTV studio team for March Madness every year.

Barkley does an incredible job of keeping things light and fun while providing just enough basketball knowledge to keep things on track. And he is never afraid to laugh at himself, which is a trait that goes a long way.

Take Barkley’s Griddy, which could use some work, for example.

Although he might know a lot about the game of basketball and is always having a good time, he is not very good at picking games. Certainly not this year, at least.

Barkley’s bracket is absolutely terrible.

He had Colorado State, who lost in the first round, making a run to the Elite Eight. He had Rutgers, Colgate, UConn, Indiana, Virginia Tech and South Dakota State, who all lost in the first round or earlier, making the Sweet Sixteen.

It’s ugly.

Last night, on the first Saturday of the NCAA Tournament, Barkley broke down his bracket live on the Turner broadcast in classic Barkley fashion. His self-deprecating humor and slight confusion with how a bracket works is absolutely perfect.

Here is the full segment, enjoy: