Charles Barkley Says He’ll Never Join Social Media: ‘I Don’t Want To Talk To Those Idiots’

Well this the saddest news we’ve heard all day. Despite the fact that he would be AMAZING on it, Charles Barkley says that he’ll NEVER be on social media. Not Twitter, where he’d kill. Not Instagram, where he would be awesome. Not even Facebook – don’t blame him there. But why, Chuck, why?

“I’m never going to do social media, man. I don’t feel the need to talk to every idiot in America,” says Barkley. Hmmm, hard to argue with that logic, but we really want you to! C’mon, man.

Of course Barkley also says in the video that the Sixers would be a .500 team if he were on the team right now in his prime so he obviously wasn’t thinking very clearly.