Philadelphia Radio Host Suggests Cancer-Stricken Phillies Fan Won’t Make It Through Next Baseball Season

Julie Kramer, a 23-year-old woman battling cancer, was treated to a surprise visit from Chase Utley on a recent episode of Ellen. It was a feel-good moment for the Philadelphia Phillies fan. Everyone smiled about it and moved on with their lives.

Except WHPT radio host Chris Stigall, who took decided to lift his leg and piss all over the story. First he pointed out Utley’s time with the Phillies is likely to end soon. Then he took a giant leap over the line and suggested Kramer would be dead by the end of the upcoming baseball season anyway.


You can hear the horror in his co-host’s voices as soon as Stigall makes his jackass comments, and for good reason.

All in a day’s work, I guess, for a wacky morning drive host.

[H/T: The Big Lead]