People Are Dragging The NCAA As Chase Young Will Miss Maryland Game Because Of ‘An NCAA Eligibility Issue’

chase young suspended

Getty Image / Adam Lacy

Chase Young will not be on the field when his Ohio State Buckeyes host Maryland on Saturday due to ‘an NCAA eligibility issue.’

‘NCAA eligibility issue’ sounds like a pretty broad way to put something, but like a lot of things involving the NCAA, there’s not a legitimate explanation behind this certain situation.

It was announced on Friday morning that Young would be indefinitely suspended before he posted a note to his Twitter better explaining the situation. To summarize, Young apparently accepted a loan from a family friend but said he paid it back in full last summer.


Young’s lawyer also released a statement about the situation saying “Chase took a small loan from a close family friend last year to cover basic life expenses. Loan was repaid months ago and we’re working to restore his eligibility. Unfair and outdated [NCAA] rules punish athletes for making ends meet while enriching everyone else.”

On the surface it seems pretty simple, Young took out a loan and then paid it back in full. That sounds straight forward, but again, this is the NCAA and you’ve got to jump through a minimum of 10 hoops to get anything resolved.

Taking out a loan isn’t illegal as an adult, but since Young plays for Ohio State and there’s an NCAA logo on the back of his helmet it’s a no-no. Also, how did the NCAA find out about the loan in the first place? We may or may not find those details out later.

Young missing this game is a huge deal seeing as how he’s a legitimate Heisman Trophy hopeful at this point of the season and without a doubt the most dominant player on the Ohio State defense. Missing this one game will put a major damper on his hopes of being invited to New York.

There is also a chance that he misses more than one game, which shouldn’t shock anyone if that is the case seeing as how the NCAA has handled past situations.

As you might have figured, ‘Free Chase Young’ and ‘Free Chase’ started trending on Twitter after the news.