Cheap Bastard Dan Snyder Gives Apples as Christmas Bonuses

And the NFL is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Suffice it to say. Dan Snyder is fucking loaded. So what do you think he got his employees for Christmas? Hardworking folk who have basically dedicated their lives to improving his net worth. 

Did you guess bags of apples? You probably didn't because that is a shitty fucking gift, but Dan Snyder is a shitty fucking person. Via The Washington Post:

While the Redskins have never been shy to pay millions to football players, former employees who’ve also worked elsewhere in the NFL say salaries for the rest of the operation lag behind many teams. Ex-staffers reported cutbacks during the recent recession — multiple employees reported receiving bags of apples one year in lieu of holiday bonuses 

That's so fucking sad. I've been at jobs where I haven't gotten a holiday bonus. That's fine. Normal even. But just give me nothing. Don't demean me with fruit. 

[Image via USA Today]