Cheerleader Embarrasses Her QB Boyfriend By Grabbing Him By The Face Mask After Game

by 3 years ago

Young love can be crazy sometimes.

Last night, a video from a Tennessee Class 6A state semifinals game between Maryville High School and Oakland High School went viral on the Internet. As you can see in the video below, Maryville high school QB Dylan Hopkins was hugged by one of the team’s cheerleader. A few moments later Hopkins started to get pulled around by the face mask by that same cheerleader who seemed to be pretty pissed at something that he did.

I can only wonder what the fuck he did to get tossed around and get yelled at like that by her. Did he cheat on her with another girl? Was he checking out another cheerleader while balling out on the field. Did he tell her that he wanted to chill with the boys after the game? I have so many questions and yet so little answers from that clip.

This kid obviously needs to get as far away as he can from this girl while he has the chance.

Apparently, the girl eventually chilled out in the end and everything was cool between the two.

Dude needs to run as far he can from her before she ends up killing him.

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