The Father Of Tennis Star Chelsea Samways Wants To ‘Knock Out’ Nick Kyrgios For Partying With His Daughter

Australian bad boy tennis player Nick Kyrios appears to be having a great time in Wimbledon despite withdrawing from the tournament because of an injury. Last night, Kyrgios was spotted out partying with a pair of tennis starlets, Chelsea Samways and Monique Belovukovic, and it looked like things got a bit hot and heavy.

Chelsea Samways’ father learned of her daughter’s fun night with tennis bad boy and is fucking pissed.

Via Mirror.Uk

Chelsea’s grounded,”

“My daughter is only 18 and a sweet girl. She’s been out all time of the night. I don’t like it.

“So I’ve taken her car away. She won’t be going out like that again.”

“I had no idea she was going out with Kyrgios. Like all young tennis players, she knows the others on the circuit and she is friends with Monique [Belovukovic]. And she [Monique Belovukovic] knows Kyrgios.

“I don’t want any of this nonsense to get in the way.

“If Kyrgios was here now I’d knock him out. In fact I’d like to knock him out.”

Hopefully Mr. Samways hasn’t looked at his daughter’s Instagram account because his head might explode.

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