Chelsea’s Oscar Was Brutally Knocked Out Against Arsenal, Remained In Game For 30 More Minutes Afterward

As I’m writing this, commentators on NBC Sports’ coverage of Sunday’s Chelsea-Arsenal derby just remarked that Chelsea forward, Oscar, is on his way to a London hospital to undergo treatment for a suspected concussion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to erase all suspicion and offer a diagnosis: he definitely got knocked the fuck out.

After a long ball is played from Chelsea’s back line over top, it leads to an awkward touch for Oscar and then the enormous collision between him and Arsenal goalkeeper, David Ospina, who catches Oscar right on the chin upon further inspection.

Obviously, this was a scary sight for everyone watching the game live, and it’s still hard to digest even after the fact.

But what is scarier, is the fact that Oscar remained on the pitch for the rest of the first half, after being attended to briefly on the sideline. He’s playing a sport where flicking on a ball using your head is a really crucial part, and the staff let him stay on the field, despite the harrowing scene previously.

I’m at a loss on this one, guys. First, there was no penalty called on Ospina, who clearly looks like he took a cheap shot here. Second, how the hell could you let this kid back into the game! We know too much about concussions these days, what can happen if they’re not properly treated, and what they look like when they happen, and this is obviously the face of someone concussed.

That’s the, “Did I score, coach?” face. No. No you didn’t, Oscar.

It’s a travesty they let the young kid step back on the field, I know that much.