The Chicago Bears Pulled Off One Of The Wildest Two-Point Plays Ever, Blew Twitter’s Mind

chicago bears two point conversion mnf


The Chicago Bears may have fallen to 1-4 with a 20 to 17 loss to their division rivals the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, but at least they and their fans have a couple of things to still be excited about.

For one thing, Mitch Trubisky showed in his first start for the Bears that he’s no Mike Glennon (that’s a good thing) and second, they pulled off one of the wildest two-point conversions you’ll ever see.

Down 17 to 15 after scoring a touchdown, the Bears went for two on a play that went a little something like this: Trubisky handed the ball off to running back Jordan Howard, who then handed it to tight end Zach Miller on a reverse, who then pitched it back to Trubisky for the easy walk-in conversion.

Sound amazing? Wait til you watch it…

Here’s another angle…

And here are some of the stunned and amazed reactions…