Bars Are Charging Chicago Cubs Fans Asinine Sums Of Money Just To Watch The Game ON TV

At 8pm tonight, Wrigley Field will play host to a World Series game for the first time since October 10th, 1945, the longest current drought of any stadium/team in Major League Baseball. Tickets to the sold-out game are selling for tens of thousands of dollars on secondary market websites like StubHub, and this is driving many Chicago Cubs fans to bars throughout the city to watch the game.

The bars are ALREADY packed as of 10am this morning with fans filing in to lock down a good view of a TV, and over on Wrigleyville the bars are charging truly ludicrous sums of money for fans looking to watch the games at a bar that’s merely close to the stadium. ESPN’s Darren Rovell has been sending out tweets all morning about the prices:

Please, for the love of God, do NOT spend $1,300 for a table just to watch the Chicago Cubs game at a bar when you can watch it at home for free. Spending that money on booze, throw a party, do whatever the hell you want with it because ultimately it’s your decision and you worked hard for that cash…but there are countless better ways to spend $1,300 than a seat at a bar…Go to a club and get bottle service, at least then you’ll get more comfortable seats and better booze.

The website DNAInfo has a longer list of all the bars and restaurants charging hundreds of dollars for people to watch the game, if you’re curious as to how the rest of the city’s prices are.

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