LOOK: Chicago Sky Hilariously Troll Diana Taurasi For Breaking Door At WNBA Championship Parade

Diana Taurasi Broken Door Chicago Sky Troll Championship Parade

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  • Chicago is celebrating its WNBA title in style at its championship parade.
  • The Sky is trolling Diana Taurasi with a broken door that she allegedly broke after losing Game 4 and it’s hilarious.
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Diana Taurasi didn’t come particularly close to her fourth WNBA title, but the 17-year veteran and the Phoenix Mercury were at least in the finals. She and her team lost Game 1, won Game 2 in overtime and then lost Games 3 and 4.

Following Sunday’s series-sealing loss, Taurasi was frustrated and reportedly broke a door in the visiting locker room of Wintrust Arena, the home of the Chicago Sky. It is unclear how the 39-year-old busted the door, but multiple reports said that it was her.

The Mercury declined to speak to the media after the Game 4 loss, so the media had to wait until Monday to try and find out what happened. When Taurasi was asked about the locker room door report, she jokingly said “there were a lot of doors in there.”

That was it, and the broken door story appears to be water under the bridge.

However, the WNBA champions decided to have a little bit of fun at Taurasi’s expense. Chicago host its championship parade on Tuesday and there was a certain guest in attendance: the door.

One (or more) of the Sky’s staff members decided to rip the door — which probably needed to be replaced anyway — from its hinges and displayed it outside of the Arena. Not out of sight, but front and center.


Taurasi’s legacy in the league will not be tarnished by Sunday’s postgame reaction. However, the Sky is certainly taking its opportunity to have some fun at her expense.

Chicago won its first WNBA title over the weekend, but the real winner is the staffer behind the door troll. Incredible.