Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt’s Latest Cabo Beach Video Goes Viral

Gracie Hunt on the beach

Getty Image

Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt is really enjoying her time in Cabo.

After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last month, Gracie has gone to Cabo two times in the last three weeks.

On Friday, Gracie shared some snaps from the beach that went instantly went viral.

Gracie’s latest video from Cabo details how much she loves hanging out at the beach.

“Pretty sure my birthstone is a seashell🐚

Nature is my happy place and I’ve always loved the sound of the ocean. Did you know that everything in the universe has a frequency?

The peace we often experience in nature is linked to frequency and God’s design. That is why the practice of “grounding” has such profound effects on our health—it connects us to healing frequencies.”

It seems like Cabo is Gracie’s happy place.

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