Travis Kelce And His Father Shared An Awesome Moment Just After The Chiefs Won The Super Bowl

travis kelce celebrates super bowl dad

Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

Unless it was your team that just caught the L in the Super Bowl, watching players celebrate winning the big game is always great. You’ve got the players celebrating with teammates and coaches all over the place with tears streaming down faces.

The real hit you in the feels moment though is when the families make their way to the field to celebrate with the players. Sure, kids getting to celebrate with their dad that just won the Super Bowl is an awesome moment, but there’s something extra special when the player gets that hug from their parents.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce found his dad on the sideline following Kansas City’s comeback win and the two shared a pretty awesome moment.

Kelce shouts for his dad who immediately wraps both of his mitts around his large son and you can immediately hear Mr. Kelce get emotional.

Talk about a pretty strong message from Kelce’s dad, too, especially given the moment with tears filling his eyes.

“I’m so happy for you. You’ve worked so hard all your life. Never ever really got the recognition you deserved.”

Safe to say that will go down as one of the top moments the father-son duo will ever share.

A happy son and a proud papa, that’s the good stuff.

Kelce finished the night with six catches for 43 yards and hauled in the touchdown that sparked Kansas City’s comeback win.