Watch Chilean Soccer Fans Threaten Each Other With Flares, Make Whips With Belts And Go Absolutely Psycho In Epic Riot

If there’s one thing we all know about soccer fans, it’s that they’re absolutely crazy, unwilling to back down from shit-talking or feeling disrespected by someone else. And, sometimes, that pride gets them into predicaments that are absolutely insane.

Take this scene from a soccer match yesterday between Colo Colo and Santiago Wanderers of the Chilean League, where fans were so amped up about the game that they went full riot before it even kicked-off, with shirtless bros taking to the pitch and starting a fucking fiasco that was like a scene from the movie Gladiator.

Seeing as how there was a lot on the line in this game—a Colo Colo win or a loss by Catolica in another match would have given Colo Colo the league title—it was a little expected that fans would be on cloud nine in preparation to see a hopeful title.

But, my goodness, threatening each other with flares as if they were knives and throwing chairs and whipping one another with belts like whips isn’t really the way to show how into a team you are.

As you might imagine, the riot squad was called to help tame things, but because they couldn’t wrangle things in, the match was cancelled.

Fans even took to the streets by throwing rocks at cars while driving on the street, so, yeah, I’m never going to a Chilean soccer match after witnessing this shit.

[H/T Deadspin]

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