FS1’s Chris Broussard Got Annihilated By Twitter For His Chris Paul-Ben Simmons Trade Idea

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FS1's Chris Broussard got roasted on Twitter for his Ben Simmons-Chris Paul trade idea.

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Go ahead and think what you want to, but, in my opinion, Chris Broussard is really good at his job — and, yes, I say that without sarcasm, I promise. The current FS1 analyst has had a long sports journalism career that stretches two decades, with stops at big-time places like ESPN to cover the biggest stories in the NBA, which includes being the first to announce LeBron James’ confirmed return to the Cleveland Cavs in the summer of 2014 prior to James’ Sports Illustrated piece officially being released.

With as much respect as I have for Chris Broussard, the guy gave a hot take today during his appearance on FS1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd that caused quite the reaction; and not of the positive variety. That’s because the reporter believed that, given their second-round exits in the NBA Playoffs this season, the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers should engage in some trade talks, with the Sixers trading 22-year-old point guard Ben Simmons for the Rockets’ 34-year-old point guard Chris Paul. Take a listen below at Broussard’s trade idea.

Needless to say, the idea from Chris Broussard wasn’t received too well. Given the age differences and overall production of Paul and Simmons, it would be absurd that the Sixers would even entertain such an idea, and, because people on Twitter love to voice their opinions on matters such as these, just look at what some had to say in response to Broussard even suggesting something so insane.

Look, Chris Broussard deserves all the crap he’s getting for suggesting that Ben Simmons for Chris Paul should happen. Trading a point guard who’s still learning the pro game for a guy who struggles to stay healthy and has lots of wear and tear on his body from all the years in his league just isn’t smart business. That said, there are rumblings that Simmons could be moved at some point this offseason — with a rumor even being a trade for LeBron James, which, c’mon, is pretty insane in its own right.

The NBA is full of wild trade or free agent rumors, especially this time of year, but creating one like Chris Broussard did today probably isn’t one too many people should take legitimately. Who knows, though, maybe giving away an All-Star point guard who’s cheap for a former All-Star point guard who is expensive becomes a new trend in the league?

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