Chris Christie Threw Some Major League Shade At The Phillies, Remains Major League Cucked By Donald Trump

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is a Mets fan. That means he has no love for the Phillies, which is 10000% fine to Phillies fans like myself. I’m perfectly content with admitting that the Fightins’ suck right now as an organization.

Still, Christie was on SNY TV last night to throw shade at Philadelphia.  You can watch that clip above.

“The Phillies suck,” Christie said. “Let’s just start with that. They’re from Philadelphia. They’re an awful team. They’re an angry, bitter fan base and it’s not safe for civilized people to go to Citizens Bank Park if you want to root for the other team.”

That’s fine and all, but the fact remains: Chris Christie was the ULTIMATE Trump cuck in the 2016 election. He was cucked by POTUS hard on multiple fronts after Christie said he’s campaign for The Donald, from not getting the VP pick to the time the Donald told him to lay off the Oreos. Like a true cuck, he just stood there and took it. Sad!

Sure, all this cucking is apropos of nothing — But the City Of Philadelphia really should not forget such shameful cuckoldry if New Jersey’s Cowboys Fan In Chief (da faq?) is going to throw cheap shots.

Oh… And the Phillies chirped back by taking the high road.

Never forget The Great Cucking Of Chris Christie. This is and will forever remain oe of my favorite photos from the 2016 Presidential Election.