The Internet Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Chris Christie For Not Being Picked As Trump’s Vice President

I don’t know what it’s like to be a candidate for President of the United States. I’m a loser blogger who likes watching Kevin Smith movies while eating Hot Pockets on my couch. I’m not an uppity, power-hungry shark who feels like being surrounded by fellow scum lords all day.

Earlier today Donald Trump announced his official VP pick, Mike Pence. This is basically an act of cuckolding for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who wagged his tail like a lap dog to Trump for months with the hope of being his VP pick. Christie bowed out to support Trump after losing in the Republican Primaries, leading to this now-infamous press conference in Palm Beach earlier this year:

Apparently the New Jersey governor was informed of the decision yesterday:

And today, when the pick was finally made, Twitter was ruthless:

The New Yorker goes for TKO:

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