Chris Christie Overheard Calling Philly Fans The ‘Worst’ Which Means He Stopped Chewing For At Least A Couple Seconds

Chris Christie is really hearing it after his Sunday night performance in Dallas. The Tupperware Don celebrated the Cowboys win over the Lions in Jerry Jones’s luxury box like a tween gifted One Direction tickets at her sweet 16.

To add fuel to the fire (probably stoking under Christie’s next rack of ribs), a New York Times columnist recalls something he overheard Christie say at a Cowboys and Eagles match-up back in December. He’s just remembering it now.

The Cowboys won, and Mr. Christie was invited back for the next game.

Still, that matchup left a searing impression on Mr. Christie. Eagles fans, many of whom can be found in the southern part of Mr. Christie’s state, raged against the governor during the game, shouting unprintable words at him in the owner’s box.

“These Philadelphia fans, they are the worst in America,” Mr. Christie was overheard saying recently.

Finally! A politician telling the truth. Eagles fans are the worst! There is no fan base more worse. Worser. There are a couple equally as awful fan bases including the Cowboys, Raiders, Giants and any team that isn’t the team you personally like to root for. All of them. All of them have countless assholes as supporters.

You know who else is the worse? Those people who hold grudges and shut down state bridges out of spite that, oh yeah, accidentally kill people just trying to get home. THOSE PEOPLE are the worst.

[H/T: New York Times]