Former NFL Star And UVA Alum Chris Long Tries To Make Arch Manning An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Ex-NFL Star Chris Long Tries Convincing Arch Manning To Go To Virginia

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  • Former NFL player Chris Long made his best pitch to Arch Manning to convince him to attend Virginia.
  • Last week, in a surprise to many, Manning visited the University of Virginia on a recruiting trip.
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Top high school quarterback Arch Manning, the son of Cooper Manning and nephew of legendary NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli, is wanted by just about every college football program in America.

Arch has been linked in various reports to schools like LSU, Notre Dame, Clemson, Oklahoma, USC, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Texas.

The latest report claims Georgia, Texas, and Alabama are the front runners for Manning’s services when he graduates from New Orleans’ Isidore Newman High School in 2023.

“I would say it’s 33%, 33%, and 33%,” a coaching contact close to Manning’s recruitment told

One college almost no one saw as a potential destination for Arch Manning was the University of Virginia.

Which is why so many college football fans were surprised to learn last week that he was taking a recruiting trip to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Truth be told, however, it shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise since both Manning’s mom and aunt attended UVA.

While it still seems unlikely that Arch Manning will become a Cavalier upon graduation, it hasn’t stopped one alumnus from the school from making his best pitch to the QB.

Former NFL star and Cavalier Chris Long made an A+ pitch trying to recruit Arch Manning

“Arch Manning, if you are listening, we want you to come to Charlottesville, man,” former NFL defensive lineman Chris Long said on his podcast. Like, first off, like, you will definitely be able to walk around here and not get bothered. We offer you unlimited access to Studio J. All the Spindrifts in the fridge. Any time.”

“You can babysit my kids as well,” Long said, trying to sweeten the offer. “That was on my list of promises. A 100 bucks an hour, dude. I’ll do $500 an hour. I will drink beer with your dad when he comes in town because I know your dad. I like Cooper a lot. I will be your running back that picks up the blitz. Like when your dad comes into town and he wants to drink beer and you want to go out with your friends and like, ‘Hey, dad, I’m hanging out with girls tonight.’ Like I will fall on that grenade. Like I will hang with Cooper and drink beer.”

Again, while extremely unlikely that Arch Manning goes to Virginia, fans certainly did appreciate the effort by the former ACC Defensive Player of the Year.