The Internet Reacts To Chris Paul Leading The Rockets Through Secret Passageway To Beat Up Austin Rivers

In the offseason it was reported that Chris Paul left the Clippers because he really hated Austin Rivers.

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Paul’s relationship with Doc Rivers started to deteriorate rapidly after the Clippers acquired Austin Rivers. Several members of the team felt Austin acted entitled because his dad was both the coach and the President of Basketball Operations. In the view of the tenured players, Austin Rivers never tried to fit in, and when players tried to address the situation with him, he still did not respond the way the core of the team wanted him to. It led to resentment within the locker room, which often played out during games. One of Paul’s biggest contentions with Doc was that Paul, and other players, felt Doc treated Austin more favorably than other players. He would yell at guys for certain things during games and practices, but not get on Austin in the same manner for similar transgressions.

In Chris Paul’s return to LA tonight, Austin Rivers got into it with Trevor Ariza and several Rockets players on the sideline.

After the game, Chris Paul reportedly organized a crew to sneak through a secret passageway to confront Austin Rivers in the Clippers locker room.

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Houston Rockets’ players James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green pushed into Clippers locker room post-game looking to confront Austin Rivers, league sources tell ESPN. Security escorted Rockets out before anything turned physical

Rockets players were clamoring for Blake Griffin too, league sources said. Chris Paul also entered with other Rockers players through a backstory that connects team dressing rooms.

Sources: As the four Rockets marched through the back hallway into the Clippers locker room, center Clint Capela knocked on the front door of Clippers entrance. Someone opened door, saw him standing there — and shut it on him.

Of course the Internet had jokes about the Rockets insane plan to beat up Austin Rivers.

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