Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Hints At When He May Retire From SiriusXM

Chris Russo

Getty Image / Dave Kotinsky

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has been in the sports industry for over three decades. It all started in 1989 when he launched a show called Mike and the Mad Dog.

At 64-years old, it sounds like Russo is finally thinking about what’s next after his sports media career.

During the latest episode of Mad Dog Unleashed, Russo claims he’ll be with SiriusXM “through the Super Bowl.” After that, we could see him call it a career.

Here’s what Chris Russo had to say about his potential plans to retire from sports radio.

“Listen, who knows. I am definitely going to be all over the Super Bowl and all over the fall. I got four kids in college beginning this year. I have nobody in the house beginning August 28. That’s the first time in 24 or 25 years that that is going to occur for the Jeanie Russos and the Chris Russos.”

Clearly, Chris Russo wants to have the freedom to see his children as they make their way through college.

And from the sounds of it, they’re all over the country. So, why not travel the United States to visit his kids while they’re in college?

On top of that, he’s been working in this business professionally since 1989. He’s been one of the more successful individuals in sports media during that time.

It’s at that point in Chris Russo’s career where it might make more sense to at least take on less work, or simply retire. There is a chance he retains his job at ESPN.

Mad Dog Unleashed will continue to air through the upcoming Super Bowl. But as Russo points out, we’ll have to see what happens after that.