Christian McCaffrey’s Latest Super Bowl Comments Come Off As Super Salty

Christian McCaffrey

Getty Image / Michael Owens

Brandon Aiyuk has been rather vocal about his opinion of the Philadelphia Eagles. Regardless, they’re playing in the Super Bowl and he isn’t.

It sounds like he’s not the only player on the San Francisco 49ers who is a bit salty, as Christian McCaffrey weighs in on the Super Bowl.

During a conversation with Andrew Siciliano, the 49ers’ star running back claims he hopes “both teams lose.” Of course, that’s not possible, but it comes off as salty nonetheless.

Aiyuk of course has claimed that he thinks the Kansas City Chiefs will expose the Eagles’ defense. He’s even doubled down on a wild hypothetical bet.

Now we have Christian McCaffrey rooting for a scenario that can’t even happen. Jokes aside, he comes off as incredibly salty alongside his teammate Brandon Aiyuk.

NFL fans can’t help but call him out for his statements.

This is a valid question.

Some fans appreciate the honesty from Christian McCaffrey.

You knew someone was going to make this joke. Even if “forty” is spelled wrong.

Seems to be the main takeaway.

This fan supports Christian McCaffrey through thick and thin.

Christian McCaffrey isn’t going to get his wish. Either the Eagles or the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl. Maybe next season will be the 49ers’ year.