Some Bengals Players Reportedly Want Team To Sign Colin Kaepernick


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In the Cincinnati Bengals’ first two games, Andy Dalton has thrown for 394 yards, zero touchdowns, four interceptions, and has a passer rating of 47.2. The Bengals lost both games and have only scored nine points in total for the season. This lack of offensive output has already cost offensive coordinator Ken Zampese his job after he was fired on Friday because the team was reportedly “near mutiny.” If the lack of scoring continues, Dalton could be benched. Which would be a devastating outcome since the Bengals signed Dalton to a six-year $96,000,000 contract. The offense is in such disarray that some Bengals players are allegedly lobbying the team to sign Colin Kaepernick.

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If Dalton continues to struggle he is expected to be benched, opening the door for AJ McCarron to start for Cincinnati. After the Bengals’ latest loss, Mike Florio wrote, “There’s a feeling among some of the players that the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick.”

Some players think adding free agent Colin Kaepernick is the better way to go since the Bengals’ offensive line isn’t great and has already allowed eight sacks in two games. The possible thought process is that the mobile Kaepernick could sprint his way out of defensive pressure much better than Dalton. If the players prefer Kaepernick right off the street rather than Dalton, this might mean that Andy has lost the locker room.

The Bengals have said that Dalton is their guy and have not made any inclinations that they would be interested in Kaepernick. But as long as Kaepernick is unsigned, every NFL quarterback who is struggling this season will be looking over their shoulder especially if teammates, fans, and media are speculating on if it’s time to bring in Kaepernick.