Cincinnati Isn’t Playing On This Awesome Black Field Because The NCAA Hates Fun

by 10 months ago

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The Cincinnati Bearcats have a huge game against UCF this Friday at home. To get fans hyped, Cincy released these awesome black field designs on Twitter.

Bearcats fans seemed pretty stoked about the field.

Unfortunately, Cincy will not be playing on the field because it’s against NCAA regulations.


The design is against NCAA regulation.

For starters, the lines on the renderings are red, and according to the rule book, “All field-dimension lines shown must be white and 4 inches in width.”

The rules also read, “The entirety of all yard lines, goal lines, and sidelines must be clearly visible. No portion of any such line may be obscured by decorative markings.” An outline of the city of Cincinnati appears on the field, spanning from each 10-yard line. It is unclear if this outline would violate the rule.

Wouldn’t have been awesome to see the Bearcats suit up on that field, damn NCAA rules.