Sweet Dekes Almighty! Claude Giroux’s Shootout Game-Winner Against The Rangers Was Incredible

by 3 years ago

Listen, I’ve been waiting unveil the “Sweet dekes almighty!” quip since the NHL season got underway, but there haven’t been that many qualifiers as dazzling as the one below. Maybe Ovi’s ridiculous goal where he clowned a Devils denfenseman in the process, but that’s about it, and fucking Keohan beat me to publishing that one.

So it’s only fitting that my hometown boy, Philadelphia Flyers’ Claude Giroux checked in last night with a filthy, shootout deke well-worthy of the phrase. To beat the New York Rangers nonetheless.

This is what elite puck handling looks like, people!

High. Stinky. Backhand. Cheese! Sweet dekes almighty written ALL OVER it.

Claude Giroux’s ridiculous goal against Henrick Lundqvist was the game winner for the Flyers, taking the game 3-2.

[via NHL]

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