Message Board Wars: Clemson Fan Accuses Ohio State Of Espionage

A view of the Goodyear blimp in North Carolina.

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College football season is nearly among us, bringing out the best and worst of fanbases around the nation. One particular Clemson fan is already getting the action started.

He’s stirred the pot with a conspiracy theory revolving around a Big Ten power. The fan has accused Ohio State of espionage against teams from the ACC and SEC.

The Clemson-Ohio State rivalry is one that’s relatively new thanks to the College Football Playoff, though many could argue that it dates back to Woody Hayes’ infamous haymaker in the 1978 Gator Bowl.

The Tigers and Buckeyes have met a total of five times on the field, each in postseason play. That ’78 Gator Bowl was the first meeting between the two schools, which Clemson ended up winning, 17-15.

The other four matchups have been played since 2014, with three coming in the CFP. The Tigers throttled the Buckeyes, 31-0, in the 2016-17 Orange Bowl. Three seasons later, Trevor Lawrence and Co. came from behind to beat Justin Fields, 29-23.

Ohio State finally got their first win in the series the following year, beating Clemson, 49-28, to move on to the title game. Many Tiger fans don’t believe that meeting should’ve even happened due to Ohio State’s playing just six games during that COVID season while Clemson played 11, but that’s an argument for a different day.

Given the recent high stakes meetings, a not-so-friendly rivalry has developed between the programs.

The two sides certainly don’t like one another, often leading to online trash talk. We got our first dose just three weeks ahead of the 2023 season, with a Clemson fan linking the Buckeyes to a conspiracy theory.

A fan on a Tigers message board asked if the program is participating in espionage to better scout teams from the ACC and SEC.

The TigerNet user who goes by the name FastChad wrote, “A buddy of mine saw the Goodyear blimp in Mississippi yesterday and it got me to thinking. Do you think Goodyear sends the blimp all around the southeast in the fall to spy on ACC and SEC football practices?

“It’s well known that everyone from Ohio cheers for Ohio State regardless of where they actually went to college. I checked the Goodyear website, and it appears that all the big shot execs went to schools all over that state.

“I think this is a real possibility.”


FastChad might know too much, and it appears he’s not alone in his line of thinking.

The Goodyear blimp’s social media account responded to the theory, which sparked a reaction from other football fans.

The Buckeyes won’t play an ACC or SEC team this year, but maybe they’re scouting for the postseason. Whatever the case, be wary about that Goodyear blimp when it’s floating through your team’s city.