The Cleveland Browns Unveiled A New Logo And You’re Going To Want To Sit Down For This

The Cleveland Browns finally unveiled their new logo after teasing the public into a frenzy.

And after seeing the look I think we can all agree the hype was warranted. What a drastic change. Definitely screams fresh start.

I mean, the freakin’ facemask is brown! Can you believe that! And the words “Cleveland Browns” isn’t outlined¬†anymore. And the orange of the helmet is so much more orangey!

Plus the doggy is different.

The team also announced new uniforms will be unveiled on April 14.

They will surely be dramatically different and make Oregon’s jerseys look boring and trite.

Strap in, folks. Nothing can stop the innovation happening on the shores of Lake Erie.

We all know trends start there and then gradually make it to the coasts.