Thousands Of Depressing Browns Fans Just RSVP’d To A Super Bowl Parade That’s So Far From Now

browns ravens

There’s no beating around the bush here, bros: The Cleveland Browns suck so much dong.

Sure, they may have rid themselves of that jackass Johnny Manziel, but they still have about zero chance of winning more than three games this upcoming season.

That doesn’t mean that fans are pessimistic about the very distant future, though, as one fan even created a Facebook Event for a Browns Super Bowl party—in 2033!



The simplest description was given for why a parade’s planned for 17 years from now: “Figure this is the earliest it’ll happen.”

Maybe even more pathetic is the fact that 3,400 fans have already accepted the invite, leaving the Factory of Sadness fully operating as they always have.


Hey, at least you guys don’t have Johnny anymore! But you’re still the Browns, sooooo… yeah.

[H/T The Score]

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