The Cleveland Cavs Were Held Up By Canadian TSA For Over An Hour And Recorded The Whole Thing On Social Media

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers

Getty Image / Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Even though I’m only 23, I’m already reaching the point in my life where I hate flying. You have to take your shoes off and wait in line and TSA always steals shit from your bag because it might be a bomb. Like a few weeks ago when I flew to Savannah, they confiscated half a bottle of shampoo and my library book. Not even my book, the public library’s. That was some bullshit. A LOT of bullshit. Do you think the librarian was very understanding when I tried to explain that I didn’t lose their copy of Infinite Jest but instead had it confiscated by TSA because they thought I had cut out the pages and was smuggling drugs in it but refused to open it in front of me “in case of potential fallout”. Bunch of idiots.

Apparently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are jumping on my “fuck TSA” campaign after they got held up in Toronto for over an hour by Canadian Air and had all their shit searched through.

Per Busted Coverage:

I sincerely hope that they actually cavity searched these guys and that’s awesome. This is obviously the country of Canada fucking with the Cavs to give the Raptors an advantage in the playoff series. Which the Raptors obviously need since they’re down 2-0 heading into Game 3. Maybe Canadian TSA (CTSA?) stuck some sort of laxative suppository in one of them to sideline them during the game. Or, more likely, they were being petty and were just breaking their balls. Regardless, I’m pretty sure that LeBron will break their championship hopes.