The Clippers ‘Playfully’ Fake Stabbed Paul Pierce During Pregame Intros And, Uh, I’m Speechless

Paul Pierce returned to Boston last night in what was more than likely his final game in the city where his career began. The guy is 38-years-old and playing limited minutes for the Clips, so this was probably his last chance to stand proudly in front of Celtics fans, at least as a player.

Here’s the weird part. During pre-game introductions, where Pierce was announced as a starter so he could get the thunderous ovation he deserved, he waved to the crowd while his teammates swarmed him, and it sure as hell looked like they were “playfully” reenacting the time Pierce got stabbed 11 times at the Buzz Club in Boston.

Check out the 16-second mark.

That’s a nice fake slice of the cheek. What the hell? As Complex noted, and I agree, Pierce is happily playing along like this was all a pre-planned thing. Like it was some sort of hilarious, fond memory of Boston for Pierce to relive.

Which is, ya’ know, kind of WEIRD since he almost died that night. Yeeeeeeah, that was a pretty heavy night.

I honestly don’t what to say other than the NBA All-Star Game couldn’t be coming at a better time. Everyone is losing their shit and needs a serious break.

[H/T Complex]

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