Clyde Frazier’s Jacket From Last Night Was Obscene And Looks Like It Dropped Acid

Clyde Frazier's insane jacket


Knicks legend and wordy announcer, Clyde Frazier, has always been known for his flashy, LOUD wardrobe and last night’s exquisite choice was no exception.

There are many, many ways to interpret this confusing formation of fabric:

  • Is the design some sort of bizarre nod to amoebas covered in caramel?
  • Was it crafted from some old lady’s dated window curtains?
  • Is this what cheetahs look like when you’re on acid?
  • Does he play paintball in this thing?
  • Or is it simply based on a painting Bill Walton once drew while dropping acid in the desert?

So many questions. Sadly, it’s doubtful we’ll ever get any answers, other than to say this is Clyde Frazier being Clyde Fraizer. Amazingly, it somehow works.

Put that jacket on his compadre, Kenny Albert, and he probably gets arrested.

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