CM Punk Reveals The Hardest Part About MMA Fighting And He Better Learn This Skill Quickly If He Wants To Survive

CM Punk sat down for an interview with the Toronto Sun prior to UFC 185. Punk was in attendance to support fellow Roufusport team member “Showtime” Anthony Pettis. Unfortunately for Pettis, Punk and the rest of Roufusport, he ended up losing his UFC Lightweight Championship by unanimous decision to Rafael dos Anjos.

Punk spoke to the Sun about wrestlers making the transition to MMA, his current training and some advice he received from current WWE champion and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar. He learned that cell service is spotty where Brock lives and something about training.

“I’ve talked to him once, he lives in the middle of nowhere where there’s no cell service, he’s in the middle of like, Saskatchewan, I don’t even know. I asked him what the hardest thing for him to do was, because obviously he’s a freak athlete but something had to be difficult, and I find it’s the exact same thing I’m having difficulty with, which is learning to let go. Striking or sparring is completely different, somebody’s trying to punch me in the face and I’m trying to punch someone in the face, but often I’ll find I’m too light on guys if I’m working on my ground game. My hips aren’t heavy enough. It’s like the old pro-wrestling kicking in, and he had the same problem.”

If Punk wants to make it in MMA, he better learn to hit hard at all times, whether it’s during ground moves, standing upright, on the walk to the ring or anywhere he might need to knock an opponent out.

Maybe he can just pretend it’s a fan?

[via MMA News]

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