With UFC 203 Looming, New Video Shows That CM Punk Is Still, Well, Not Very Good At MMA


I know it’s easy for me to armchair quarterback since I am not the one doing the training and fighting, but CM Punk has been training for somewhere around two years for his first UFC fight. So the fact that everything we’ve seen video-wise of him has been unimpressive, to say the least, is a bit disappointing.

Yes, he was out for awhile with an injury. That sort of thing happens when you’re 36-37-years-old, but the UFC just shared some new video of Phil Brooks (his real name) doing some training and I really don’t see how he doesn’t get destroyed at UFC 203 on September 10th. He just looks so slow.

Punk will face a fighter named Mickey Gall who is not only 13 years younger than him, Gall is also 2-0 as a professional and 3-0 as an amateur.

Not that Punk seemed too concerned when he spoke to Matt Serra and Jim Norton on the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast awhile back…

“Bodyweight, height, reach – we are almost identical and experience goes to him. He’s fought before and I haven’t. I think he’s a tough kid but his fights have been pretty short so I’ve not been able to see all him skills. I don’t so much look at the guy but who they train with and he trains at a great camp in New Jersey with Miller brothers. The whole reason I did this was to challenge myself and I’m looking forward to it.”

Oh, it’s going to be a challenge, that much is guaranteed.

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