Coach K Apologizes To Student Reporter After He Teed Off In Him For Asking A Totally Normal Question

coach k apologizes to student reporter

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Following a 70-65 loss at Louisville on Saturday, Duke has now lost three straight games, and head coach Mike Krzyzewski is starting to let his frustration show. Student reporters on Zoom aren’t even safe from Coach K, just ask Jake Piazza.

During the postgame presser following the loss to the Cardinals, Piazza asked Krzyzewski a totally normal and legitimate question: “I’m just curious what the next step forward is for the team as you guys move into another week of basketball?” Coach K responded as if Piazza asked him ‘hey, why do you guys suck so bad right now?’

Coach K being mad after his team’s third straight loss isn’t the issue here, it’s the fact that he teed off on this reporter, who he knew was a student because he asked what his major was, after he was asked a totally normal question.

His ridiculous comparison of losing a basketball game and being asked about what’s next to taking an economics exam and being asked what’s next was absurd as well.

Coach K is about as classy as they come, however, so it should come as no surprise that he reached out to Piazza on the phone and apologized for how he answered his question.

“My phone rang and Coach K was on the other end of the line,” Piazza wrote in the Duke Chronicle. “Our call was short, but the sincerity in his apology was genuine. And in the end, I appreciated the call.”

You know things are bad at Duke when Coach K is going off on student reporters like this. The Blue Devils are just 5-5 on the year and have struggled mightily over the past two weeks. College basketball in the state of North Carolina is off to a strange start in 2021 as Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State are a combined 21-15 on the season.