Colby Covington Threatens UFC Commentator Jon Anik ‘I Don’t Want Your Kids To Grow Up Without A Dad’

Colby Covington weigh in

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Colby Covington is back doing the media rounds and appears to have crossed the line with his trash talk once again.

Over the weekend, UFC president Dana White announced that Covington would be the next fighter to get a title shot against Leon Edwards in the welterweight division.

Belal Muhammad, who appeared to tweet that he believed Covington got a title shot because he’s white, went on UFC commentator Jon Anik’s podcast to slam the UFC’s decision.

Colby saw Muhammad’s appearance on Anik’s podcast and threatened the UFC commentator for “hanging and associating” with a “racist.”

“And you know who’s hanging out and associating with that racist? Jon Anik. Jon Anik, you know, supports that racism,” “He’s [Anik] supposed to be impartial, he’s supposed to have that headset, he’s supposed to be an interviewer, he’s supposed to remain impartial… You want to be a cheerleader? Put down the headset, pick up the pom-poms, go on the side, and be a cheerleader…

“And Jon Anik, dude, I don’t want your kids to grow up without a dad, just realize you live in Boca [Raton], I live in Miami motherf***er, you’re not too far from me, so you better shut your f***ing mouth. You poke the bear, now you get the bear comes after you.”

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