Rangers Pitcher Cole Hamels Says He Was Victim Of $68,000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Scam

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is obviously one of our favorite events of the year. Apparently we’re not alone in that line of thinking because Rangers ace Cole Hamels plunked down almost $70,000 ($68,730.36 to be exact) to attend the show along with a whole assortment of other perks and benefits.

Problem is, he didn’t get to go to the show. In fact, he says he got pretty much hosed out of almost $70K. Bummer.

According to the New York Daily News

The former Philadelphia Phillies star filed the lawsuit in Philadelphia on Friday. He alleges Cornucopia Events failed to get him and his wife into the 2015 New York City lingerie show even though he paid nearly $70,000 for three VIP packages.

The suit says the money was to cover a four-night stay in a luxury hotel, a limousine with champagne, access to exclusive restaurants and goodie bags. The suit alleges Hamels and his party got none of the perks and were denied entry to the event.

Hamels is seeking $150,000 in damages for fraud and misrepresentation.

Oh man, he missed out on the goodie bags?! I wonder what was in them? Socks? Lifesavers?

On the bright side, however, Phillymag.com says that was able to attend the after-party. So hey, it wasn’t a total loss.

In other news, Cole Hamels was willing to spend almost $70,000 to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I guess when you’ve made over $100 million playing baseball that’s just a thing that you do. Must be nice.

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