Colin Cowherd’s Take On Geno Smith Turns Into A Mess After Getting AFC And NFC Mixed Up

Colin Cowherd

Getty Image / Amy E. Price

Like clockwork, Colin Cowherd made another blunder on The Herd. This time it involves Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith.

While discussing the Seahawks’ Super Bowl chances, Cowherd got his NFL conferences completely mixed up.

After claiming he doesn’t see Seattle as a true contender to win the Super Bowl, he then followed it up by stating “I don’t see Geno holding up the AFC championship, ya know, trophy, over Mahomes or Burrow.”

I mean, it makes sense considering the Seahawks in the NFC. So, it’ll be really difficult for Seattle to win an AFC championship.

And to make matters worse, Colin Cowherd’s co-host, Jason McIntyre, just rolled with this odd Geno Smith take. Here’s the clip of Cowherd making a fool of himself yet again.

Like, how does McIntyre not correct Cowherd right there? Is he not allowed to? Is it in his contract to not say anything when Cowherd messes up? What’s going on with The Herd?

I understand people make mistakes from time to time. It happens to the best of us and we’ve all been there. But usually somebody is there to correct the error and that just didn’t happen on The Herd.

Additionally, this is becoming the norm for Cowherd lately. It used to just be questionable takes. But now these errors are clouding his show too.

Perhaps it’s time Colin Cowherd takes a vacation because this error about Geno Smith and the Seahawks is pretty wild. Albeit, from a technical standpoint, it’s true that Seattle won’t beat the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC title.