Colin Cowherd Getting Blasted For His Comments About Chad Johnson When Comparing Him To Julian Edelman

colin cowherd chad johnson julian edelman comparison

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In the aftermath of Julian Edelman announcing his retirement from the NFL earlier this week, the debate of whether or not he is a Pro Football Hall of Famer has been a topic of discussion among a pretty large audience on social media.

Colin Cowherd is very firmly in the camp that Edelman should make the Hall of Fame, but that’s not why he’s been getting torched on social media. During Wednesday’s edition of ‘The Herd,’ Cowherd spoke with former NFL wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The two began discussing Edelman’s chances of making the Hall before a separate argument broke out about who the better wide receiver was between Chad Johnson and Edelman.

Cowherd went on a tangent about Johnson and then threw out the pretty absurd blanket statement that “Chad didn’t run good routes.” He immediately got called out by Houshmandzadeh who called Cowherd’s comment disrespectful before correctly informing him that Johnson was one of the best route runners in the game.

Cowherd letting out one of those uh-oh laughs when Houshmandzadeh called him out for his route running comment is classic.

Edelman has three more Super Bowl rings than Johnson, who has zero, but Johnson’s numbers are far more impressive than Edelman’s. Johnson hauled in 67 touchdowns and picked up over 11,000 yards receiving on 766 receptions. Edelman only found the endzone 36 times in his career and didn’t eclipse the 7,000 yard receiving mark. They’re both very good receivers, but Johnson is in a completely different stratosphere when it comes to production.

This is just classic Cowherd, stirring the pot with a blanket statement without realizing just how outrageous his side of the debate truly is.