Colin Cowherd Thinks Only Two CFB Teams Could Give Nick Saban A ‘Worse Night’s Sleep’

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Colin Cowherd is one of the most outspoken guys in sports media, often giving disruptive opinions to get ratings and/or play the Devil’s Advocate. Hey, no hate towards the guy, it works well for him, and he’s got a top radio show and TV appearances because of those type of hot takes, so nothing but respect.

With the College Football Playoff rankings being released yesterday with no changes in the top-10, Colin Cowherd was talking about the No. 1 team in the nation, the Alabama Crimson Tide, who have been as dominant as any team in recent memory. I mean, sh*t, there’s a reason why last week people were debating whether or not the Tide could roll the Buffalo Bills or not, with an imaginary betting line even made up.

While Bama would get demolished by an NFL team, many don’t think there’s a college team out there that can even compete with them — except for Colin Cowherd, who offered up his thoughts on the two teams who could be “disruptive” to Alabama should one of them get to the No. 4 spot in the College Football Playoff rankings when all is said and done. Here’s video of what Cowherd had to say on his show.

Colin Cowherd has a pretty good point here, saying either Georgia or Oklahoma could cause some problems for Alabama. But, c’mon, is anyone really going to beat Alabama this year? I’m not so sure.

The host does go on to give his best attempt for at least explaining his reasoning, adding this, per Saturdays Down South.

“The team that deserves to be disruptive — who is Nick Saban going to look at and go ‘uh oh’? — is Oklahoma. Oklahoma has all the ingredients that give Nick Saban a little worse night’s sleep. They’ve got a mobile quarterback. Nick Saban struggles with mobile quarterbacks. They have NFL backs, receivers and offensive linemen.”

The Sooners are explosive on offense, but, having fired their defensive coordinator earlier this season, they may not be disciplined enough on that side of the ball to slow down the Crimson Tide offense. Then again, if these two did play, who needs defense anyway? Let’s just get into a good ol’ fashioned shootout where the final score’s 55-51 or something. Is that disruptive? Of course. Would the game fall in Oklahoma’s favor? I’m not so sure, but, hey, anything’s possible.

Both Oklahoma and Georgia need some luck to get into that No. 4 spot, though, with Michigan currently occupying it, and the Bulldogs at No. 5 and the Sooners sitting at No. 6. I guess time will tell if Colin Cowherd is right, though.

(H/T Saturdays Down South)

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