Colin Cowherd Explains Why Deshaun Watson To The Jets ‘Sounds Like A Move Made In Heaven’

colin cowherd deshaun watson to the jets


Deshaun Watson would be a good fit on any NFL roster. Most teams around the league would ship away their current starting quarterback to land Watson in a heartbeat, but the reality is, only a few teams can offer the Texans enough pieces for them to even begin listening to offers. One team that could offer an intriguing package to Houston for Watson is the New York Jets.

While the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and Carolina Panthers have dominated most of the rumors involving a potential new landing spot for Watson, you can’t have a good NFL rumor without a New York team involved, those are just the rules.

Colin Cowherd thinks the Jets could, or at least should, seriously be in play to acquire Watson. He sees the Jets as an ideal trading partner for the Texans due to the fact that New York has so many first round picks to offer.

Cowherd believes that the move would be perfect.

“The New York Jets, make a move and get Deshaun Watson,” Cowherd said during his show on Tuesday. “The move is perfect. The Jets have five first round picks because of the Jamal Adams trade. They could give four of them away, that’s what Houston wants.”

The obvious question here is whether or not Watson would welcome a move to the Jets. Even for how badly it appears that he wants out of Houston, making the move from a franchise that needs a rebuild to a franchise that has supposedly been rebuilding for about a decade now isn’t exactly exciting.

The Watson – Houston situation appears to be getting uglier and uglier by the day and it feels as if it’s only a matter of time before the Texans ship off one of the best quarterbacks in the league due to his unhappiness.

It’s remarkable that the city of Houston very well could lose James Harden and Watson in the span of a month.