Colin Cowherd Gave Out His List Of The Top 10 Current NFL Players And He’s Got To Be Kidding, Right?!

Colin Cowherds List Of The Top 10 Current NFL Players Is Ridiculous

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Trolls are green, right? I mean, in general. If not, they should be and that’s what I am going with because Colin Cowherd is the biggest troll on the planet after releasing his list of the top 10 current NFL players.

Before we get to Cowherd’s list, which he obviously released just to get a rise out of everyone. (Mission accomplished.) Let’s go through and name some of the current NFL players who a normal fan might put in their top 10.

Aaron Rodgers… Patrick Mahomes… Drew Brees… Lamar Jackson… Michael Thomas… Deandre Hopkins… Julio Jones… Dalvin Cook… Saquon Barkley… Ezekiel Elliott… Derrick Henry… Christian McCaffrey… Travis Kelce… Stephon Gilmore… Marcus Peters… Bobby Wagner… Aaron Donald… Chandler Jones…

I could name more, but you get the gist.

Guess how many of those 18 players mentioned above were in Colin Cowherd’s newly released top 10 NFL players right now? FIVE.

McCaffrey (2), Donald (3), Mahomes (4), Jackson (8), and Elliott (9).

So who did we miss?

How about Tom Brady at number 10, Mike Evans at 7, Jamal Adams at 6, George Kittle at 5, and, drumroll, please… Russell Wilson as the best current player in the National Football League.

Listen… those five players are all very good, but come on. Wilson and McCaffrey ahead of Mahomes? Mike Evans isn’t even the best wide receiver in his division. And Tom Brady? Tampa Bay sure hopes Cowherd’s right.

He’s not, but they can hope.

That all being said, here we are talking about Colin Cowherd, and as Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and others have proven, you don’t have to make sense to be rich and famous in the world of talking sports.

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