Colin Kaepernick’s Message To NFL Teams After Michigan Workout ‘I Can Help Make You A Better Team, I Can Help You Win Games’

Colin Kaepernick

  • Colin Kaepernick worked out in front of NFL scouts during halftime of Michigan’s spring game on Saturday.
  • During an interview after the workout, Kaepernick assured teams that he can still play and help them win games.
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Colin Kaepernick sent a direct message to NFL teams after his workout at Michigan.

Kaepernick, who hasn’t played pro football in over 5 years, worked out during halftime of Michigan’s spring game in front of several NFL scouts on Saturday afternoon.

After the workout, Kaepernick pleaded to NFL teams, assuring them he could still help an organization win games.

“I can help make you a better team, I can help you win games,” “I know right now the situation likely won’t allow me to come in, step into a starting role. I know I’ll be able to work my way to that though, and show that very quickly.

“So to the teams that have questions, more than anything, I would say I’d love to come in for a workout. I’d love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I could help you be a better team.”

We’ll have to wait and see if any teams decide to bring in Kaepernick for a personal workout.

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