College Basketball Bettor Hits Unbelievable 23-Leg Parlay For $523K


Getty Image / Pavlo Gonchar

It’s the moment that every sports gambler dreams of. You open up the app for whatever sportsbook you use and check on that seemingly insane parlay you threw down earlier in the day. You look at your account balance and find thousands more dollars than the last time you checked.

We all put together the parlays. I’ll admit to throwing in the occasional $5 parlay on an entire UFC card. I don’t feel great about it. I’m sure most of the people who put in the parlays we see FanDuel tweet out don’t feel great about it when they put in their bets.

That never stops them and it didn’t stop one college basketball bettor from putting together an absolutely life changing parlay last night. According to FanDuel Sportsbook, a bettor wagered $1.10 on a 23-team parlay and turned it into $532,478.03.

The parlay featured 7 money line wagers and 16 wagers on the spread with every single one of the teams they selected being favored to win their matchups. It was a perfect night to place this parlay as every team that the KenPom ratings favored won last night.

To make this parlay even more wild (if that’s even possible), it was nearly an even bigger win. St. Louis was ahead by 14 points late in the their game against Saint Joseph’s. Saint Joseph’s hit a 3 at the buzzer that was completely inconsequential to the game, but made the game a push in this parlay.

If St. Louis had only given up 2 points on that possession, this would have been over a $900k win, but I’m sure this better isn’t too upset about the minor inconvenience in their once-in-a-lifetime win.

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