Are You A Devastated College Football Fan And Think Your Season’s Already Over? Here Are Some Reasons To Stay Hyped

It’s been five days since my beloved Florida State Seminoles suffered one of their most humiliating defeats in program history, and it’s only really just hitting me now. Unlike the rest of ‘Nole Nation who were glued to their TV sets last Saturday in hopes of seeing the then #2 ranked Florida State Seminoles defeat the #10-ranked Louisville Cardinals I wasn’t actually able to watch the game. I was on a 1,500-mile road trip last weekend so I was forced to listen to the game on XM radio, and with the gift of hindsight I’m still not sure which medium (radio or TV) was the more excruciating way to experience FSU’s devastating loss.

I think Louisville’s humiliation of FSU is top 3 losses for me in my Seminole experience, up there with losses to UF and Miami. The Gators and Hurricanes are rivals, and I hate Miami with every fiber of my being because the ‘Canes fucking OWNED us back when I was in college and their win streak at one point was 5 wins in 4 years (goddamn bowl games!). Outsiders might point to the loss against Oregon in the first College Football Playoff but even though FSU was undefeated going into that game AND we had Jameis Winston at QB I think everyone with a level head knew that FSU was playing well destined for a loss and was at the tail end of one of the luckiest seasons ever. FSU could’ve easily lost a handful of games before Oregon. There were 21 NFL starters on that 2013 team and the 2014 roster just didn’t have the same magic. So while that was a huge win for Oregon it wasn’t nearly the same level of loss for FSU.

This one, the loss against Louisville, it fucking stings. We’ve all had delusions of grandeur this season thinking that a return to the National Championship was in our future. It’s possible that ‘Noles still make it though, and that’s why this video above was encouraging. We’ve still got huge games against Clemson, Miami, and the Florida Gators. If the Seminoles get focused and play to their talent level there’s a shot we make it back to the playoffs…even if the chances of that happening are very, very slim.