College Football Fans Don’t Care For Dabo Swinney’s Complaints About The Transfer Portal


Getty Image / Jacob Kupferman

  • Dabo Swinney made it clear today that he isn’t a fan of the NCAA’s current transfer system
  • College football fans are not taking his side on the matter
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As college football fans enjoy one of the craziest college football transfer seasons in recent memory, there is one person who isn’t quite as happy. As it turns out, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney is not a fan of the transfer portal or current NCAA transfer rules.

The college football world is definitely not on the side of Saint Dabo on this one.

Some on the internet think this is a sign that Clemson could struggle to keep themselves at the top of the college football world.

It’s not surprising to hear nobody agree with Dabo. Manipulating young kids is what college coaches do. It’s how programs like Clemson and Alabama end up with so much depth on their roster.

A lot of that talent on the bench would never sign with these programs if they knew they would never have a shot at a starting spot. Instead, they buy into what these adults are selling them.

It seems like Dabo’s just upset these kids aren’t buying what he’s selling right now.