College Football Fans React To Jimbo Fisher’s Comments On Sliced Bread


Getty Image / Carmen Mandato

  • National Signing Day took a surprising turn today
  • NSD 2022 spawned the feud we didn’t know we needed this year, Jimbo Fisher vs Sliced Bread
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It’s National Signing Day in college football and that of course means the sports world has one thing on it’s mind… Sliced Bread. That’s right, the best thing since Betty White has come under fire because of their report on Texas A&M’s recruiting spending.

Jimbo Fisher did not take too kindly to a BroBible article last month about that report from the pantry staple and today he let the world know how he felt about uncooked toast.

It’s not the type of quote you’d expect to hear from a coach on the day he secured the “greatest recruiting class of all time”. It should come as no surprise that the college football world couldn’t help but have some fun with this one.

College Football Fans React To Jimbo Fisher’s Sliced Bread Comments

We haven’t received word yet on how Mr. Bread is handling all of this attention.

Before you go to make your next grilled cheese, hold those two slices of bread close and let them know, Jimbo Fisher can’t hurt them anymore.